Compact, programmable LED flood curing system

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SkyRay Product Summary

The SkyRay is a compact programmable LED flood curing system that integrates all system components into a small lamp head, which can be easily mounted anywhere on a factory floor with no remote controller, power supply box or remote cooler required. Just mount the head, connect the AC power cord and start timed exposure curing.

The long-life solid-state LEDs illuminate a 5 x 5” curing area with cool and evenly distributed high-intensity light. The system features an integrated exposure timer and adjustable output intensity. The front panel LCD display and sealed membrane-type keypad make programming and monitoring of curing operations a snap.

System dose and setup parameters feature password protection to prevent unauthorized changes to sensitive processes and control settings. The unit features a variable-speed cooling fan and convenient flush-mounted carrying handles. The enclosure’s slim design allows for side-by-side mounting of multiple units for exposure of larger curing areas.

Additional Details

System timers: Duration of curing is controlled by a 1–9999 second timer that turns off the LEDs and beeps after exposure is complete. The timer can alternatively be switched to a 1–9999 hour mode for use in artificial aging or other long exposure applications. The exposure timer can also be set to a user-controlled manual mode in which exposure time increments on the display indicate the elapsed time of a cure.

Lamp intensity control: The system has a user-adjustable 10–100% intensity level. This feature provides the flexibility of choosing appropriate curing intensity for sensitive materials.

Status indicators and alarms: Three front panel LEDs are provided: AC power-on / door open, lamp LEDs on and system alarm. The SkyRay also monitors all internal sub-systems and environmental conditions, and displays system status, internal temperature levels and alarm conditions on the LCD display.

External logic signal interface: The system can be remotely monitored and controlled using isolated logic signals available at a 15-pin D-sub connector on the unit’s top panel. The digital logic functions allow high-speed control of the SkyRay for applications requiring a direct interface with machine controllers or PLCs. Control signals include LEDs on / off, 0–10V LEDs intensity, and a safety interlock that disables LEDs. Monitoring signals include LEDs lit, chamber temperature and system alarm.

Remote Control via PC serial port: The system can also be remotely controlled via USB or RS485 serial ports. A Windows™ compatible graphical interface program allows all system functions to be exercised, and with RS485, multiple units can be networked.

Lamp power regulation: The system’s switch mode power supply maintains constant lamp power regardless of variations in AC line input or LED voltages, resulting in consistent and repeatable curing times.

Universal wide-range AC line input: The auto-ranging 100–240VAC 50 / 60Hz power factor corrected AC input makes the SkyRay easy to use in any country, with no wiring changes or voltage select switching required.

Forced air cooling: A baffled variable speed fan cooling system with removable filter channels cooling air appropriately to all components to ensure high system reliability.

Accessories & Options

Foot pedal control: An optional exposure control foot pedal is available for applications requiring hands-free operation. The pedal can be used in conjunction with the system’s exposure timer or in a manual mode in which the lamp LEDs remain on as long as the pedal is pressed.

Optional LED spectrums: The SkyRay is available with 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm LEDs at 1400 mW/cm2, which ensures compatibility with many types of adhesives and coatings from all manufacturers.

Dimensions & Specifications
System TypeLED Flood Curing System
Lamp Power800W
Input Voltage100–120 / 200–240 VAC ±10% (auto-ranging)
Input Current (Max)13.0/6.5 Amps
Curing Area5 x 5"
Weight11.25 lbs.
Size (L x W x H)6.90 x 5.44 x 10.90”
SkyRay Accessories Part Numbers
Part No.ItemDetails
UV1080Rayven Shielded Curing ChamberProvides full shielding and shutter door interlock
UV3699SkyRay Mounting Bracket Assyw/ fasteners & right angle DB15 interconnect cable (used to mount to Rayven curing chamber).
UV3164LED Filter GlassReplacement Filter Glass For SkyRay 800
UV0725LEDs Control Foot PedalProvides hands-free control of shutter and exposure timing
UV3904SkyRay Remote Control Interface Software CD ROMWindows 98 / 2000 / XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 GUI
UV3902Right Angle USB cable2.0 meter, black
UV3383USB to 2-Wire RS485 Adapter / ConverterConnect PC to RS485, used with UV3924
UV3924RS485 Remote Interface Cable, DB15 to DB9Connect multiple units together, used with UV3383
UV0526RS485/Logic Remote Interface CableControl from RS485, PC or digital logic
(Multiple)Power cordsMultiple types available
(Multiple)UV Curing TrayStainless steel non-stick surface
UV1450LEDCure RadiometerUVA or Visible ranges, 10-10,000mW/cm2
UV02231UV/IR Protective Safety GlassesSport contour, 3.0 shade
UV0495UV/IR Protective Safety GlassesOTG (fit over prescription eyewear), 3.0 shade
UV01889UV Protective Face Shield Lift-up face shield ideal for maximum UV/Visible light protection, 4.0 shade

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Request a quote for the version of the SkyRay 800 UV LED flood system that best fits your needs.

Below you can choose from the different available models, components and accessories for this system. You can select each item one at a time or begin with the Default Configuration as a basis, and build from there.

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Remove System from Quote
UV3805 - UVSkyRay-1,SkyRayMountingOptions-1
UV3153 - UVSkyRay-2,SkyRayMountingOptions-1
UV3937 - UVSkyRay-3,SkyRayMountingOptions-1
UV3896 - UVSkyRay-4,SkyRayMountingOptions-1
UV3805 - UVSkyRay-1,SkyRayMountingOptions-2
UV3153 - UVSkyRay-2,SkyRayMountingOptions-2
UV3937 - UVSkyRay-3,SkyRayMountingOptions-2
UV3896 - UVSkyRay-4,SkyRayMountingOptions-2
UV3805 - UVSkyRay-1,SkyRayMountingOptions-3
UV3153 - UVSkyRay-2,SkyRayMountingOptions-3
UV3937 - UVSkyRay-3,SkyRayMountingOptions-3
UV3896 - UVSkyRay-4,SkyRayMountingOptions-3

System Type and Included Items

All SkyRay system components are integrated into a small lamp head available with 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm LED options. The SkyRay system includes glass filter plate, UV/IR protective OTG glasses (3.0 shade with case), AC power cord (USA standard) and instruction manual.

SkyRay 800, 365nm LEDs

365nm 800W UV LED curing system

SkyRay 800, 385nm LEDs

385nm 800W UV LED curing system

SkyRay 800, 395nm LEDs

395nm 800W UV LED curing system

SkyRay 800, 405nm LEDs

405nm 800W UV LED curing system

Choose Mounting & Shielding Option

Provides shielding and mounting for SkyRay.

Rayven Chamber Kit - UV1080 & UV3699

UV shielded curing chamber and mounting bracket for SkyRay flood system

Flood Stand & Shield Kit - UV4393

SkyRay economical shielding, includes mounting stand, mounting plate and front & rear shields.

No Mounting or Shielding Options

This selection removes all mounting and shielding options


Click to add any accessories below that you would like included in your quote. To view or price more accessories or replacement parts, visit our online store.

LEDCure Radiometer - UV4006-365

Single channel radiometer with L365 spectral response to monitor SkyRay intensity output in the 340-392 nm bandwidth. Ideal for 365 nm LEDs. For other spectral types visit online store.

Shutter Control Foot Pedal - UV0725

Provides hands-free control of SkyRay shutter and exposure timing.

SkyRay Remote Control Interface Software - UV3904-V120

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 PC Graphical User Interface software for remote control of SkyRay flood systems (CD-ROM).

Right Angle USB Cable - UV3902

Cable for remote PC control of SkyRay flood system over short distances (used in conjunction with Interface Software UV3902). 2 meters long.

RS485 Remote Interface Cable, DB15 to DB9 - UV3924

Network multiple SkyRay units with PC, used with UV3383 RS485 converter.

RS485 Remote Interface Cable - UV0526

Cable for remote PC or PLC control of SkyRay flood system over longer distances or via digital logic signals (if for PC control, use in conjunction with SkyRay Interface Software UV3904). 15ft long,15 pin DSUB connector to flying leads.

USB to 2-Wire RS485 Adapter / Converter - UV3383

For serial communication from a PC over long distances or when controlling multiple SkyRays from one computer.

Stainless Steel Curing Tray - UV4268

Versatile stainless steel UV curing tray used with Rayven chamber for custom curing applications. Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 1"

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