Rayven Quad

A fully enclosed curing chamber ensures maximum UV protection

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Rayven Quad Product Summary

The Rayven Quad is a fully enclosed curing chamber that provides 360° light shielding for the Uvitron IntelliRay Quad or SunRay Quad flood systems, ensuring maximum UV protection.

It features a door-mounted, lamp-on indicator and dual rear-panel cooling fans. The oven also has an adjustable-height curing tray that allows for nine repeatable curing distances. Just place your IntelliRay or SunRay Quad on top of the oven and start curing—no tools required.

For a compact version of this system, see the Rayven.

Additional Details

Integrated sensors: The Rayven Quad contains an integrated sensor for monitoring chamber temperature when used with the IntelliRay Quad. The included automatic door interlock causes the IntelliRay Quad’s shutter to close and shield the user when the door is opened.

External control interface: Dual rear panel D-sub connectors allow pass-through of IntelliRay control signals for use with a PC, PLC, shutter control foot pedal, external interlock, etc.

Dimensions & Specs
Part #UV2875
CoolingForced air w/ louvers, channeled from lamp head
Interconnect CableDual 15 position D-sub (Male/Female, 1.25'), included
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Inside12.5 x 22.0 x 16.4”w/ adjustable shelf
Outside14.1 x 24.2 x 19.5”D = 20.65 w/ door handle
Weight24.0 lbsw/out lamp head
Cure Distance
Shelf Positions4”, 6”, 8”, 10”,
3", 5", 7", 9"
Bottom of lamp to shelf
Distance to Floor12.5”Bottom of lamp to floor
Rayven Quad

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UV2875-H - UVRayven-1
UV2875-H - UVRayven-1,RayvenSystems-1
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UV2875-H - UVRayven-1,RayvenSystems-3

Rayven Quad Large Area Curing Chamber

UV shielded curing chamber for IntelliRay & SunRay Quad systems

Rayven Quad

UV shielded curing chamber for IntelliRay & SunRay Quad systems (excludes IntelliRay Quad and SunRay Quad lamp systems)

Configured Systems w/Rayven Quad

Combine with Pre-Configured lamp Systems

IntelliRay Quad - UV2591-H

High power programmable shuttered flood curing system (4x600W UVA arc lamps included).

SunRay Quad - UV2842

High power economical flood curing system (4x600W UVA arc lamps included).

No Lamp System

This option removes any selected Quad flood lamp systems from the quote.


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Stainless Steel Curing Tray - UV4269

Versatile stainless steel UV curing tray used with Rayven chamber for custom curing applications. Dimensions: 16" x 12" x 1".

Rubber Palm Work Gloves - UV3378-L

Provide UV light and temperature protection. Durable, rubber coating provides superior grip. Ergonomic design assures a snug fit and great dexterity. 100% polyester liner ensures comfortable wear. Seamless to reduce irritation in material handling and assembly applications. Size large, others sizes available.

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