IS310 UV Logger

Accurately measures the overall UV energy in the oven as well as the power and energy emitted by each of the UV lamps separately

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IS310 UV Logger Product Summary

The IS310 UV Logger is the only credit card-sized UV light wavelength measurement device that accurately measures the overall UV energy in the oven as well as the power and energy being emitted by each of the UV lamps separately.

The recording of data for each individual lamp makes it a unique logger and eases traceability and maintenance of lamps.

The UV data logger user interface includes four push buttons to allow users to display Total Energy, Peak UV Irradiance, Percentage Degradation Value and Selection of Lines and Lamps.

Additional Details


  • Determines whether you need to increase the lamp current, replace or reposition the lamp or the reflector, or clean or change the reflector
  • Prevents scrap and costly downtime due to inefficient curing
  • Achieves consistent UV curing—improves quality
  • Avoids under-curing
  • Monitors UV oven efficiency


  • Gives you separate readings for each lamp in your oven
  • Stores data for up to nine lamps in nine different ovens
  • 6mm (.24”) thick
  • Fits underneath most safety barriers and measures close to the substrate to give a more accurate reading of the light intensity where the curing takes place
  • Measures UV energy transmitted in J/cm² and peak lamp power in W/cm²
  • Comes with free PC data analysis software
Dimensions & Specs
Part #UV4007
System componentUV Logger with rechargeable battery and USB cable
Dimensions (D x H)86 x 54 x 6 mm; 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.24"
Sampling Rate1000 readings/sec
Detectable Power Range.002–3.0 W/cm2
Detectable Energy Range0.001–99.0 J/cm2

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