SunSpot SM

Compact, mid-power spot curing system

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SunSpot SM Product Summary
Note: The SunSpot SM is a Legacy Product. It is no longer available for sale; however, we continue to offer support for existing customers and maintain the product pages for reference. We recommend our newer SunSpot 2 spot curing system for new customers.

The SunSpot SM is a compact, mid-power spot curing system. We designed it with a low cost of ownership in mind, as demonstrated through its vertically mounted, long-life mercury lamp, separately replaceable elliptical reflector, and filtered input long-life light guide. Its easy-to-use exposure time controls and foot pedal activation make using the unit simple. It is ultra-compact, weighing only 7.5 lbs. and measuring 10 x 5”.

The SunSpot SM features a 100W lamp, and its 10W/cm2 output maximizes curing speed without overheating the material being cured.

Additional Details

Cool light output: A dichroic-coated reflector reflects only the useable UV wavelengths of light through the light guide. The harmful high-temperature infrared is diverted away from the material being cured. A secondary in-line filter further reduces heat for extremely sensitive applications.

 Long lamp life: The SunSpot SM UV light curing system provides exceptional lamp life due to several design features:

  • The lamp is mounted vertically, which allows the arc to fall straight in line with gravity. This prevents the arc from wandering into the quartz envelope and overheating it and ensures the arc strikes the conical anode equi-radially, preventing uneven electrode erosion.
  • The lamp is constructed with an extra-heavy blunt-tipped anode electrode, which does not degrade quickly over time (like the needle-shaped electrodes of traditional arc lamps).
  • Airflow is carefully channeled to provide symmetrical cooling of the lamp, which ensures long end seal life and prevents damaging hot spots and arc sputtering.

Lamp power regulation: Our patented Power-Plus Lamp Driver maintains constant lamp power regardless of variations in AC line input or lamp voltages. This regulation provides for stable light output, repeatable curing times and longer lamp life.

Timer-controlled shutter: An accurate 1–99-second, foot-pedal-controlled exposure timer and shutter free the operator’s hands for other tasks. The timer can be switched from timed to manual mode for operator control of curing duration.

Convenient Front Panel Indicators: A front panel hour meter tracks lamp age, allowing for consistent lamp replacement scheduling, and a lamp-ready LED notifies the user when warm-up is complete.

Quick-change lamp: The system’s side lamp access panel is easily removed by loosening a single thumbscrew, making lamp or reflector changes possible in as little as one minute.

Forced air cooling: The quiet dual-fan cooling system directs air to critical system components, ensuring cool operation and high system reliability.

Safety interlocks: Two unique safety interlocks provide maximum protection during operation and maintenance procedures. The first automatically forces the shutter closed if the light guide is removed, preventing operator exposure to high-intensity light. The second immediately removes system AC input power when the lamp access panel is opened, protecting the operator from high voltages or high-intensity light present behind the panel.

Dimensions & Specs
System TypeFocused spot w/ light guide
Part #UV0451
Lamp Power100W
Input Voltage90–265VAC wide range input
Input Current (Max)2 Amps
Irradiance10,000 mW/cm2UVA
Curing Area1.5"/3.0" spot size at 1.5"/3.0" distance
Size (H x W x D), Weight11.62 x 4.95 x 10.73”, 7.5 lbs.
Light Guide Part Numbers

Liquid Light Guides (Single Pole)

Liquid-filled light guides have a higher transmission for UVA wavelengths and cost significantly less than fiber equivalents. The tradeoff is that the liquid guides do not have as long a life, especially for longer exposure times or when used for shorter wavelengths (i.e., UVB, UVC). Deep UV liquid guides with longer life for UVB are also available for slightly higher costs.

Liquid Light Guides (Single Pole)
UV0570*Liquid Light Guide, 1m x 5mm
UV0571*Liquid Light Guide, 1.5m x 5mm
UV0572* Liquid Light Guide, 2m x 5mm
UV0774Liquid Light Guide, 1m x 8mm
UV0775Liquid Light Guide, 1.5m x 8mm
UV0776Liquid Light Guide, 2m x 8mm
UV1195 Liquid Light Guide, 3m x 8mm
UV3381*Liquid Light Guide, Deep UV, 1m x 5mm
UV1508*Liquid Light Guide, Deep UV, 1.5m x 5mm

Fiber Light Guides (Single Pole)

Fiber guides do not degrade with exposure over time and are best for high power and long UV light exposure times. However, their transmission is lower, and the cost is typically higher than for liquid-filled guides.

Fiber Light Guides (Single Pole)
UV0765 Fiber Light Guide, 1m x 5mm
UV0766Fiber Light Guide, 1.5m x 5mm
UV0767Fiber Light Guide, 2m x 5mm
UV0768Fiber Light Guide, 1m x 8mm
UV0769Fiber Light Guide, 1.5m x 8mm
UV0770Fiber Light Guide, 2m x 8mm

Multi-Pole Light Guides

Multi-pole light guides are used for applications that require the light to be split and delivered to multiple cure targets. Liquid types have higher transmission, have a well-balanced light output between legs and provide the best value. However, they can degrade with exposure over time. Fiber guides are also well suited for this purpose since they also ensure equal delivery of light regardless of guide rotation. Fiber guides are best suited for high power and long light exposures and do not degrade over time.


Multi-pole Light Guides
UV2168*2 Pole Liquid Light Guide, 1m, 5mm Common End
UV25874-Pole Liquid Light Guide
UV37022 Pole Fiber Light Guide, 1m, 5mm Common End
UV37032 Pole Fiber Light Guide, 1.5m, 5mm Common End
UV37042 Pole Fiber Light Guide, 2m, 5mm Common End
UV0575*2 Pole Fiber Light Guide, 2m, 5mm Common End (Metal Sheathing)
UV20053 Pole Fiber Light Guide, 1m, 5.2mm Common End
UV07944 Pole Fiber Light Guide, 1m, 5mm Common End
UV07954 Pole Fiber Light Guide, 1.5m, 5mm Common End
UV37734 Pole Fiber Light Guide, 2m, 5mm Common End
SunSpot SM Ordering Part Numbers
Part No.ItemDetails
UV0451SunSpot SM Spot Curing System, 90–265VAC, 50/60HzIncludes long life arc lamp, 5mm x 1m liquid filled light guide, shutter control foot pedal, UV/IR protective glasses, line cord, and manual
Part No. ItemDetails
Options & Accessories:
UV0551UV Enhanced Short Arc Lamp100W high pressure
UV0588Shutter Control Foot PedalProvides hands-free control of shutter and exposure timing
UV0701Logic Remote Interface CableControl shutter from PLC or digital logic
UV0437Elliptical Reflector AssyReplacement spot reflector & tray
UV0413Dichroic Mirror, 45 deg.Replacement spot filter mirror
UV0428Filter, Spot Band PassReplacement 2nd stage optical heat filter
(Multiple)Power cordsMultiple types available
UV0567UV Spot Cure Radiometer320–390nm (UVA), 0–19.99 W/cm2
UV2360Light Guide Reference Rod, Fused Silica, 5mm core, L=6.25"used with UV0567 SpotCure radiometer above for measuring light guide or lamp performance
UV0496UV/IR Protective Safety GlassesOTG (fit over prescription eyewear), 5.0 shade
UV02232UV/IR Protective Safety GlassesSport contour, 5.0 shade
UV01890UV Protective Face ShieldLift-up face shield ideal for maximum UV/Visible light protection, w/ darker 6.0 shade
UV00578SunSpot SM Instruction ManualUsage and maintenance info for SunSpot SM System


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