Economical Arc Lamp Power Supply

Compact switch-mode power source for UV curing lamps


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Product Summary

This compact switch-mode power source in the economical arc lamp power supply provides constant power to a 400 / 600W mercury vapor bulb or medium pressure metal halide arc lamp. The supply is available in a 100 / 120AC (400W: UV0902, 600W: UV2279) or a 200 / 240 AC (400W: UV1241, 600W: UV1242) version to accommodate international use.

A “standby” switch signal is provided for reducing lamp output power while the system is idle—to 1/2 for the 400W and 1/3 for the 600W. This can reduce excess heat and power consumption, thereby increasing system reliability and efficiency and reducing ambient temperature rise. The UV flood curing system’s power supply also contains an un-isolated 12V output for powering a local cooling fan. An integrated lamp igniter eliminates the need for an external high-voltage starter.

Additional Details

Two input voltage range options: The unit is available in a 90–132AC or 180–265AC input range, making the Uvitron lamp power supply easy to use in any country.

Integrated high-voltage lamp starter: The unit’s lamp starter provides up to 10kV, enough voltage for igniting virtually any lamp. This high voltage capability allows instant hot lamp restarts after short line voltage interruptions (two seconds typical). The igniter also has a timeout shutdown feature for protection with defective or disconnected lamps.

Lamp power regulation: To maintain constant power, the system divides the desired output power by the actual lamp voltage. This provides the appropriate current reference for the lamp regulator to compensate for lamp and line voltage variations. The result is repeatable curing times as the lamp ages, when the lamp is replaced or when the input voltage fluctuates.

Status indicators: An on-board ready LED is provided to indicate that lamp warm-up is complete.

Economical Arc Lamp Power Supply - Specifications
Part #UV0902
Lamp Power400W600W
Input Voltage100–120 ±10% /
200–240 ±10% VAC
100–120 ±10% /
200–240 ±10% VAC
Input Current (max @ low line, 120VAC)7 Amps10 Amps
Input Current (max @ low line, 240VAC)3.5 Amps5 Amps
Source Input Frequency47 Hz–63 Hz47 Hz–63 Hz
Brownouts80V for 1 minute, system continues to operate normally80V for 1 minute, system continues to operate normally
Efficiency93% (Typical)93% (Typical)
Lamp Info
Economical Arc Lamp Power Supply - Lamp Info
Lamp TypeMercury vapor or metal halide
Lamp Power400/600W ± 10%; Trim pot adjustable
Output Voltage140 ± 10%
Wave Shape75 Hz Quasi Square (Current / Voltage)
Lamp Power Regulation± 1%
OperationContinuous Mode

Low Voltage

  • Fan Power Supply: 12DC ± 10%
  • Max Current (un-isolated): 5W


  • Inrush Current Limit
  • Line Voltage Surge
  • Short Circuit (Lamp, 5V and 24V outputs)
  • Open Circuit Voltage
  • Over Temperature
  • Ignition Timeout (210 seconds typical)


  • Operating Temperature: 0°C–+50°C
  • Storage Temperature: 0°C–+70°C
  • Humidity: 90% relative with no condensation
  • EMI RFI-Conducted: FCC Class A (onboard filter)
  • EMI RFI-Conducted Optional: FCC Class B (with external filter)


  • L x W x H: 7.25 x 4.25 x 2” (Including .25” standoffs)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Power Supply Part Numbers
Part No.Item
UV0902Economical Arc Lamp Power Supply (400W, 120VAC)
UV1241Economical Arc Lamp Power Supply (400W, 240VAC)
UV2279Economical Arc Lamp Power Supply (600W, 120VAC)
UV1242Economical Arc Lamp Power Supply (600W, 240VAC)
Accessories Part Numbers
Part No.ItemDescription
UV0582UV Intensity ControllerController used as an accessory to the UV switching power supplies
UV0320UVA Metal Halide Lamp400W medium pressure
UV0544UVB Enhanced Lamp400W medium pressure
UV0489Visible Metal Halide Lamp400W medium pressure, 420nm
UV0545Visible Metal Halide Lamp400W medium pressure, 460nm
UV0834UVA Metal Halide Lamp600W medium pressure
UV1884UVB Enhanced Lamp600W medium pressure
UV1074Visible Metal Halide Lamp600W medium pressure, 420nm

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