HiWatt Arc Lamp Ballast

A programmable electronic arc lamp ballast

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Product Summary
Note: The HiWatt is a Legacy Product. It is no longer available for sale; however, we continue to offer support for existing customers and maintain the product pages for reference. We recommend our newer HiWatt 2 programmable arc lamp ballast for new customers.



The HiWatt UV arc lamp ballast is a dual-processor controlled, solid-state switching power supply. It consists of two power stages: a square wave AC output converter and igniter for powering a mercury vapor or halide arc lamp, and an auxiliary DC power supply for providing 24DC (6A) for user controls and cooling fans.

The HiWatt is designed to be factory or customer software configurable (via PC serial port) to allow the unit to adapt to a wide range of lamp types and utility power sources. This capability allows the unit to power one or two arc lamps in the range of 1kW–10kW, with lamp voltages of 200–850V, from single or three-phase AC sources of 208 / 240 / 480V 60Hz—200 / 230 / 380 / 415V 50Hz.

This programmability makes the HiWatt a truly universal arc lamp ballast that can be used as a single unit solution for powering many types of lamps from power sources worldwide.

PC/PLC Control Interface

The HiWatt electronic UV arc lamp ballast can communicate with customer-connected controllers or PCs via optically isolated digital logic signals, RS485 serial port or USB port. The logic signals include status lines for lamp ignited, lamp ready (warm-up-complete) and unit alarm, as well as control signals for lamp enable / disable and lamp dimming (via PWM control, pulse frequency or 0–10V).

A lamp cooling blower control is also provided with a blower on / off signal, air temperature / flow regulation and lamp temperature monitoring. The unit can optionally power 24V DC cooling fans and vary the fan speeds either open-loop or based on lamp temperature.

Units can also be networked to provide a customer interface to multiple HiWatt slave units from the serial ports. This feature allows interface with multiple lamp systems cascaded on a single high-speed product line. An optional touchscreen is available for monitor and control of up to eight units.

Part #UV1192 (mid pwr),
UV1807 (high pwr)
Lamp Power2,000–10,000W
Input Voltage200–480VAC, 1 or 3 phase (programmable)
Input Current (Max)10.5A (UV1192), 15.0A (UV1807)
System TypeContinuous mode arc lamp power supply
Size/Weight20.11 x 8.32 x 4.54", 25 lbs. (UV1192) 35 lbs. (UV1807)
Lamp Output Volts200–850VRMS
Low Voltage Outputs24VDC at 1 Amp,
3.3VDC at 0.5 Amps
Other FeaturesLamp temp control, USB, RS485, digital I/O signals
Accessories Part Numbers
Part No.ItemDescription
UV1809HiWatt Interface Configuration SoftwareCD ROM, used for programming monitor & control
UV1825Touch Screen Panel PC1GB Ram, 160GB HDD, Win XP Embed
UV1810 HiWatt Interface Touch Screen SoftwareCD ROM, network up to 8 ballasts
UV1557Lamp output 3 position pluggable terminal blockLamp output mating connector
UV1558AC power input 5 position pluggable terminal blockAC input power mating connector
UV1597DB9 female control signal terminal blockFor field termination
UV1598DB25 female control signal terminal blockFor field termination
UV1595DB9 control signal terminal block gender changer, male / maleUsed with UV1597
UV1596DB25 control signal terminal block gender changer, male / maleUsed with UV1598
UV2260Airflow damper w/ actuatorLamp temperature regulator, 6” diameter
UV1678Thermistor, lamp temperature4" long, 3/16" diameter, 10K ohms
UV1679Thermistor compression fittingL=1.81", 3/16" dia, 1/4" male NPT
UV1826HiWatt Ballast instruction manualUsage and maintainence info for HiWatt

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