UV Light-Curing Conveyors

Uvitron’s UV light-curing conveyors are ideal for processing long parts or for high volume production. Conveyor belt speeds are adjustable with digital speed readouts, allowing for precise and easy control of UV curing dose. Click on each type of conveyor below to learn more about any of our UV light curing systems.


UV Conveyor 40 Plus

  • 9” wide belt, 6” cure width
  • 175 mW/cm2 intensity UVA at 3″
  • Variable speed, up to 25’ / min
  • Digital speed display
  • Adjustable lamp height and full UV shielding
  • Dual spectrum lamp capable
  • Benchtop or with optional mounting stands
Sunbelt 25

Sunbelt 25

  • 33” wide belt, 25” cure width
  • 2150 mW/cm2 intensity UVA at 2″
  • Variable speed, up to 58’ / min
  • Adjustable lamp height and forced air cooling
  • Convenient front mounted controls and indicator panel
  • Lamp ballast programming software

SunBelt BT9

  • 9” wide belt, 5” cure width
  • Up to 2,200 mW/cm² intensity UVA at 1″
  • Variable speed, up to 29’ / min
  • Adjustable lamp height
  • Convenient side mounted controls and indicator panel
  • Adjustable end chute

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