Materials Processing

Our systems are pivotal in the resurfacing of car and subway windows, restoring clarity and resistance to wear without compromising the material integrity. In the realm of plastics, our UV solutions excel in bonding heavily plasticized PVC and thermoplastics like polycarbonate or ABS, ensuring strong, lasting connections.

Furthermore, our technology extends to the application of corrosion-resistant and anti-fouling coatings, vital for extending the lifespan of materials exposed to harsh environments. Protective coatings applied with our UV systems safeguard plastics against degradation, maintaining their strength and appearance over time.

  • Resurfacing of car windows
  • Resurfacing of subway windows
  • Bonding of heavily plasticized PVC, thermal plastics (polycarbonate or ABS)
  • Corrosion-resistant and anti-fouling coatings
  • Protective coating of plastics

If you have any questions about your UV materials processing application, other applications we’ve helped with, or our UV curing systems, please email us at [email protected] or call 413.731.7835 and ask for our Applications Engineering Department.

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