Electronics Applications

Within electronics manufacturing and design, the precision, reliability, and durability of components are of utmost importance. Uvitron’s advanced UV curing technologies cater to a wide array of applications within the electronics sector, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of electronic assemblies. Our solutions are pivotal in wire tacking and coil termination, ensuring that components are securely locked and fixed on PC boards. Our technology offers an innovative approach to tamper-proofing adjustable components, repairing PC board coatings, and providing components with sealing and protection.

We understand the critical nature of forming and potting components to safeguard their integrity and function. Our conformal coating processes for PC boards are meticulously developed to enhance longevity and reliability. Additionally, we address the specialized requirement of masking PC board holes before wave soldering, bonding wound cores to PC boards, and securing transformer ferrite E-cores with precision. Our expertise extends to the curing of form-in-place gasketing, a process vital for maintaining the seal and performance of various components.

  • Wire tacking and coil termination
  • Screw locking
  • Fixing of components on PC boards
  • Tamper proofing adjustable components
  • Repair of PC board coating
  • Components sealing and protection
  • Forming and potting of components
  • Conformal coating of PC boards
  • Masking of PC board holes before wave soldering
  • Bonding wound cores to PC boards
  • Securing transformer ferrite E-cores
  • Curing of form-in-place gasketing

If you have any questions about your UV curing electronics application, other applications we’ve helped with, or our UV curing systems, please email us at [email protected] or call 413.731.7835 and ask for our Applications Engineering Department.

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