Semiconductor Applications

Our technologies ensure semiconductor dies are coated with a conformal layer for moisture protection, mimicking hermetic packaging. Wafer masking and contamination inspection are made more efficient with our UV systems, identifying impurities and ensuring clean processing environments. We support the use of Furakawa UV adhesive tapes in the back grinding, etching, and dicing of semiconductor wafers, where exposure to UV light facilitates precise material removal and separation. Additionally, our solutions assist in wafer polishing inspection, guaranteeing smooth, defect-free surfaces.

  • Semiconductor die conformal coating for moisture protection (hermetic package)
  • Wafer masking
  • Wafer contamination inspection
  • Exposure of UV adhesive tape for back grinding, etching and dicing of semiconductor wafers (see Furakawa UV tapes)
  • Wafer polishing inspection

If you have any questions about your UV curing semiconductor application, other applications we’ve helped with, or our UV curing systems, please email us at [email protected] or call 413.731.7835 and ask for our Applications Engineering Department.

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