Medical & Dental Applications

Our advanced UV curing technologies play a critical role in the medical and dental industries, offering precise and efficient solutions for a variety of applications. Our systems are engineered to support the high standards required for medical device manufacturing and dental procedures, ensuring both safety and effectiveness.

In the field of eye care, our UV curing solutions are instrumental in the molding and forming of contact lenses, providing the accuracy and quality control essential for producing comfortable and effective vision correction products.

Dental professionals rely on our technology for the fabrication and modification of dental appliances and dentures directly within their offices. Our systems allow for quick modifications and repairs, enhancing patient care by reducing wait times and improving the fit and comfort of dental prosthetics.

Our capabilities extend to the curing of dental ceramics and the accelerated aging of materials, facilitating advancements in dental restorations and prosthetics. These processes ensure that dental components are cured thoroughly and quickly, achieving optimal strength and aesthetics.

  • Contact lens molding
  • Contact lens forming
  • Dental appliances
  • Denture modifications at dentists’ offices
  • Dental ceramics curing and accelerated aging

If you have any questions about your UV medical or dental application, other applications we’ve helped with, or our UV curing systems, please email us at [email protected] or call 413.731.7835 and ask for our Applications Engineering Department.

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