High-intensity, cool-operation LED spot curing system

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SkyBeam Product Summary

The SkyBeam is a high-intensity, cool-operation LED spotlight curing system widely used in benchtop and automated production lines. The system includes a long-life light guide and supports up to four independently operating light guides with a variety of lens types. Weighing only 3.25 lbs., the unit features easy to use exposure time controls, foot pedal activation and a built-in power supply, which eliminates the need for an external power adaptor.

Additional Details

Four irradiation channels: Four independent irradiation channels each offer a 0–999.9 second exposure timer and 10–100% power adjustment range. Each channel’s UV light spot size can be adjusted by replacing the optical lens at the end of its light guide, and the service life of each irradiation channel is independently recorded.

External control interface: The system can be remotely monitored and controlled using isolated logic signals available at the rear panel terminals. The digital logic functions allow high-speed control of the SkyBeam for applications requiring a direct interface with machine controllers or PLCs. Control signals include LEDs on/off and a safety interlock that disables LEDs for operator protection. Monitoring signals include system ready, LEDs on and system alarm. An RS232 port is also provided for serial communication with PCs and PLCs.

Long-life flexible light guides: The cable of the UV LED light guides is a two-meter flexible robot cable, tested to over 10 million bending cycles. Four wavelengths are available, including 365, 385, 395 and 405nm.

Cool operation: Both convection cooling and fan cooling UV LED light guides are offered. The fan cooling type has better heat dissipation and is suggested for continuous operation. The UV LED light guide has a built-in temperature sensor that monitors the temperature and prevents the light guide from overheating. The aluminum controller housing is fully sealed to prevent contamination and ensure long system life.

Security key switch: The system comes with a security key switch that prevents operators from making unauthorized changes to the approved running parameters.

Dimensions & Specifications
System TypeLED Spot
Part #UV3979
Input Voltage100–240VAC ±10%
Input Current (Max)1.0 Amps at 120V,
0.5 Amps at 240V
IrradianceFrom 900–14,000 mW/cm2 UVA (lens dependent)
Curing AreaFrom 3 mm–15mm spot size (lens dependent)
Size (H x W x D), Weight140 mm x 92 mm x 160 mm, 3.25 lbs.
Accessories Part Numbers
Accessories Part Numbers
Part No.ItemDetails
UV4045Foot Switch, Exposure ControlWith flying leads for attachment to controller terminal block
UV4046Security Switch Replacement KeysSet of two
UV4047Power CordAC Power Cord, 120V US Plug for SkyBeam
UV0496UV/IR Protective Safety GlassesOTG (fit over prescription eyewear), 5.0 shade
UV2232UV/IR Protective Safety GlassesSport contour, 5.0 shade
UV1890UV Protective Face ShieldLift-up face shield ideal for maximum UV/Visible light protection, w/ darker 6.0 shade
UV4011SkyBeam Instruction ManualUsage and maintenance info for SkyBeam system
Light Guide and Lens Part Numbers
Light Guide and Lens Part Numbers
Part No.ItemDetails
UV4053-365F*365nm LED Light Guide, Fan CooledIncludes 6mm and 12mm lens, length=82mm
UV4053-385F385nm LED Light Guide, Fan CooledIncludes 6mm and 12mm lens, length=82mm
UV4053-395F395nm LED Light Guide, Fan CooledIncludes 6mm and 12mm lens, length=82mm
UV4053-405F405nm LED Light Guide, Fan CooledIncludes 6mm and 12mm lens, length=82mm
UV4054-365C365nm LED Light Guide, Convection CooledIncludes 6mm and 12mm lens, length=85mm
UV4054-385C385nm LED Light Guide, Convection CooledIncludes 6mm and 12mm lens, length=85mm
UV4054-395C395nm LED Light Guide, Convection CooledIncludes 6mm and 12mm lens, length=85mm
UV4054-405C405nm LED Light Guide, Convection CooledIncludes 6mm and 12mm lens, length=85mm
* Standard items included with system (1 ea)
† Special order
Light Guide Lenses
Light Guide Lenses
Part NumberSpot SizeIrradiance at DistanceWavelength
UV4030-12MM*12 mm1.5 W/cm² at 27 mm365 nm
UV4030-6MM*6 mm5.6 W/cm² at 13 mm365 nm
UV4030-3MM3 mm11 W/cm² at 6 mm365 nm
UV3982-12MM12 mm1.7 W/cm² | 2.0 W/cm² | 2.3 W/cm² at 26 mm385 nm / 395 nm / 405 nm
UV3982-6MM6 mm5.3 W/cm² | 6.3 W/cm² | 7.4 W/cm² at 11 mm385 nm / 395 nm / 405 nm
UV3982-4MM4 mm10.0 W/cm² | 12.0 W/cm² | 14 W/cm² at 5 mm385 nm / 395 nm / 405 nm
* Standard items included with system (1 ea)
† Special order

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Request a quote for the version of the SkyBeam UV LED spot curing system that best fits your needs.

Below you can choose from the different available models, components and accessories for this system. You can select each item one at a time or begin with the Default Configuration as a basis, and build from there.

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UV3979-365F - SkyBeamSystem-1,SkyBeamLED-1,SkyBeamGuideCooling-1
UV3979-365C - SkyBeamSystem-1,SkyBeamLED-1,SkyBeamGuideCooling-2
UV3979-385F - SkyBeamSystem-1,SkyBeamLED-2,SkyBeamGuideCooling-1
UV3979-385C - SkyBeamSystem-1,SkyBeamLED-2,SkyBeamGuideCooling-2
UV3979-395F - SkyBeamSystem-1,SkyBeamLED-3,SkyBeamGuideCooling-1
UV3979-395C - SkyBeamSystem-1,SkyBeamLED-3,SkyBeamGuideCooling-2
UV3979-405F - SkyBeamSystem-1,SkyBeamLED-4,SkyBeamGuideCooling-1
UV3979-405C - SkyBeamSystem-1,SkyBeamLED-4,SkyBeamGuideCooling-2

System Type and Included Items

The default SkyBeam configuration comes with single 2 meter 365nm LED fan cooled light guide with 2 lenses (12mm and 6mm), exposure control foot pedal, UV/IR protective OTG glasses (5.0 shade with case), AC power cord (USA standard) and SkyBeam manual.

SkyBeam Base System - UV3979

High-intensity cool-operation LED spot light curing system with up to four independently controlled channels. Please select light guide LED and cooling types below.

Choose LED Type

The SkyBeam is available with 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm LED options to ensure compatibility with adhesives and coatings from all manufacturers. All light guides are 2 meter length and include 2 lenses (6mm and 12mm).

365nm LED

365nm LED light guide

385nm LED

385nm LED light guide

395nm LED

395nm LED light guide

405nm LED

395nm LED light guide

Choose Light Guide Cooling Type

The SkyBeam light guides are available with either fan or convection cooling. Choose the appropriate cooling option based on exposure time and form factor (type does not affect price).

Fan Cooled Light Guide

Fan cooled light guides are ideal for maximizing LED life for long or continuous light exposures.

Convection Cooled Light Guide

Convection cooled light guides are smaller and ideal for simplifying mounting for machine integration.


Click to add any accessories below that you would like included in your quote. To view or price more accessories or replacement parts, visit our online store.

LED Light Guide, Fan Cooled - UV4053

Additional fan cooled guide: UV4053-365F, UV4053-385F, UV4053-395F or UV4053-405F

LED Light Guide, Convection Cooled - UV4054

Additional convection cooled guide: UV4054-365C, UV4054-385C, UV4054-395C or UV4054-405C

LEDCure Radiometer - UV4006-365

Single channel radiometer with L365 spectral response to monitor SkyBeam intensity output in the 340-392 nm bandwidth. Ideal for 365 nm LEDs. For other spectral types visit online store.

Puck Radiometer Light Guide Fixture - UV4244-12

The UV4244 Puck Radiometer Light Guide Fixture allows the measurement of light output from a UV LED spot curing system light guide using an EIT puck style LEDCure radiometer. This fixture is ideal for use in the following cases: Measurement of 365, 385, 395 or 405nm LED spot curing system light output; Measurement of multiple wavelength bands of LED type light guide output using a single radiometer e.g. LEDCure Profiler Four Band puck for narrow spectrum LEDs; Measurement of LED light guide output at a variable distance from the guide output tip.

UV/IR Protective Safety Glasses - UV0496

OTG (fit over prescription eyewear), 5.0 shade.

UV Protective Face Shield - UV1890

Lift-up face shield, ideal for maximum UV/Visible light protection, 6.0 shade.

3mm lens for 365nm LED SkyBeam light guide - UV4030-3MM

Provides 11.0 W/cm2 irradiance @ 6 mm distance with 3mm spot size.

4mm lens for 385/395/405nm LED SkyBeam light guide - UV3982-4MM

Provides 10.0 /12.0/14.0 W/cm2 irradiance @ 5 mm distance with 4mm spot size

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