Demo Units

Requesting Demo Units

We believe in proving the quality and efficiency of our UV curing systems through real-world testing tailored to your specific needs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive “Try Before You Buy” program, designed to give you confidence in your investment.

Tell Us About Your Application: Start by filling out our detailed form to help us understand your requirements. This step is crucial for us to tailor the demonstration to your specific application needs. Alternatively, feel free to call us instead should you wish to discuss your application in detail over the phone.

Consultation and Review: Once we receive your form, our technical team will schedule a consultation to further discuss your application requirements. This ensures that we recommend the most suitable UV light curing system for your needs.

Receive Your Demo Unit: After our detailed review, we’ll send you a demo unit of the UV light cure system we believe will best meet your requirements. Test it in your own production environment with no commitment to purchase.

Support Throughout the Process: Throughout your trial period, our technical support team will be available to assist with any questions or adjustments you may need, ensuring you get the most out of your demo experience.


Seamless Transition to Production

Proven Compatibility: Test the unit in your actual production environment to confirm its effectiveness and compatibility with your processes.

No Need for Exchange: If the demo unit meets your expectations and integrates seamlessly with your operations, you can opt to purchase it directly. This allows you to continue using the unit without any interruption or need to switch out equipment.

Immediate Production Start: By purchasing the demo unit, you eliminate the waiting period typically associated with new equipment orders, enabling you to accelerate your production timeline.

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