Optical Applications

We provide innovative solutions that enhance the assembly and performance of optical components across various industries. Our UV curing technologies are meticulously designed to meet the demanding requirements of optical manufacturing, from lens assembly to the bonding of critical optical elements.

Our expertise extends to the precise assembly of lenses and optical components, ensuring high-quality bonds that maintain optical integrity and performance. In the field of optical fiber connections, our solutions facilitate efficient tacking and splicing, as well as the application of durable coatings on fiber optic cables. This enhances both the performance and longevity of fiber optic communication systems.

  • Lens assembly and optical component bonding
  • Optical fiber connections; tacking and splicing
  • Fiber optic cable coating
  • Fiber optic cable alignment / splicing
  • Bonding cover glasses to microscope slides
  • Bonding cover glasses to photodiodes
  • Bonding cover glasses to filters
  • Bonding cover glasses to solar cells
  • Other lens component bonding solutions

If you have any questions about your optical application, other applications we’ve helped with, or our UV curing systems, please email us at [email protected] or call 413.731.7835 and ask for our Applications Engineering Department.

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