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Sunray Quad UV flood system

SunRay Quad

  • The system’s switch mode power supply maintains constant lamp power regardless of variations in AC line input or lamp voltages.
  • The unit features a standby mode rocker switch, which reduces lamp power when the system is idling.
  • Variable speed cooling fans with removable filters direct air to critical system components


  • Programmable electronic arc lamp ballast
  • For lamp power in range of 1–10kW
  • Integrated lamp igniter
  • RS485 serial port or USB port
  • Digital logic monitoring and control signals
Sunspot SM

Sunspot SM

  • 5” spot size curing area at 3”
  • 10,000mW/cm2 intensity focused curing area
  • Solid-state, constant power
  • Dual pole light guide compatible
  • Cool well-filtered output
  • Foot pedal or PLC shutter control

UV Conveyor 40

  • 9” wide belt, 6” cure width
  • 175mW/cm2 intensity UVA at 3”
  • Variable speed; up to 12’ / min.
  • Digital speed display
  • Adjustable lamp height and full UV shielding
  • Dual spectrum lamp capable
  • Benchtop or with optional mounting stands
PALM Probe

Palm Probe

  • Wide dynamic range (100,000:1) measurements; auto-ranging and zeroing
  • Measures and displays watts, joules, seconds; display peak value W/cm2
  • Electrically isolated, insulated and high-temperature resistant light guide
  • Single-hand operation; two membrane switch control
  • UV bands: choice of EIT, UVA, UVB or visible
  • Battery-powered; two user-replaceable AA batteries with low battery warning

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