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right-headquartersUvitron International was established in 1993 as a developer and manufacturer of switch-mode power supplies for light curing systems, developing the first electronic arc lamp power supply. Our company has since evolved into a total solutions provider of light-curing systems, UV power supplies and UV curing accessories, successfully targeting solutions to four primary markets:

  • Light curing of UV / visible curable adhesives and resins
  • High power application for UV curing of inks, coatings and paints
  • Process control and industrial ultraviolet-related industries
  • Medical and dental applications for ultraviolet light

Since our founding, we have earned a reputation for manufacturing and selling superior quality products that are made in the USA and supported by a high degree of product knowledge and in-house expertise. Our goal is to produce affordably priced UV curing solutions that have equal or better performance than other products currently available in the market.

We have distinguished ourselves in the industry as a dynamic and support-oriented company. Our experienced staff of engineers, programmers, technicians and professional sales executives provides our customers with a high degree of expertise. All electrical, optical and mechanical design of our products is performed in-house, which allows us to better share complete technical knowledge with our customers. Our sales and services capabilities include custom-designed light-curing systems from 50W to 20kW. We also offer systems consulting, design and manufacturing services.

Our Commitment & Vision

We’re committed to a future of sustainable growth and new ideas in today’s specialized marketplace. Our vision is to continue designing and manufacturing quality products, providing timely support, services and responsiveness to our customers’ unique requirements. We look forward to new challenges and opportunities as we work to ensure the productivity and success of our customers.

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