EIT SpotCure Radiometer

An easy, portable, effective method of quantifying UV output

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EIT SpotCure Radiometer Product Summary

As UV spot curing technology has evolved, it has become increasingly important to establish a method of measuring system performance. The EIT SpotCure Radiometer is an easy, portable, effective method of quantifying UV output.

This UV intensity meter is a self-contained, electro-optic instrument designed to measure and display the intensity emitted by a UV spot curing system. Degradation of UV lamps, light guides, and reflectors can cause decreases in intensity and create curing problems. The EIT SpotCure Radiometer is designed to provide the operator with instant feedback as to the performance of the UV curing system.

Additional Details

Configuration: This UV radiometer is totally portable, self-contained, and battery-operated using a special lithium battery stick for extremely long life—in excess of 100,000 readings. The measurement head, which contains the optics, is attached to one end of the cylindrical instrument. Light guide adapters that fit into the measurement head are available to fit most size light guides. The instrument measures the UVA transmission bandwidth of 320–390nm.

Operation: The EIT SpotCure is simple to use. Its compact, flashlight-like shape (4.60” long by 1.74” diameter) can comfortably be gripped in one hand.

In operation, the instrument is gripped in one hand while the light guide is inserted with the other hand. Once a UV spot curing system’s light wand is inserted into the measurement head, the user depresses the “START” switch and a measurement is taken. When the “START” switch is released, the measurement is frozen and can be viewed on the LDC display. It will be held for approximately three minutes until the display times out or until the user depresses the “START” switch again.

Adapters insert into the measurement head to accommodate the standard light wands on the market. This flexibility allows the instrument to be used in a variety of monitoring applications. Short, simple operation instructions are printed on the outside of the instrument.

The EIT SpotCure Radiometer is designed to withstand the rugged UV environment and extremely high intensities that can be associated with UV spot curing. It can monitor UV intensities up to 20W/cm2 for the standard version and 100W/cm2 for the extended range version.


  • Monitor UV spot curing system performance
  • Measure individual UV lamp performance
  • Measure light guide performance
  • Optimize light guide positioning
  • Determine proper UV intensity required for curing any material

The EIT SpotCure meets ISO 9000 requirements.

Dimensions & Specs
Version Info
Part #UV0567-SA UV0567-EA
VersionStandardExtended Range
Intensity RangeUVA (0-19.99 W/cm2)UVA (0-99.9 W/cm2)
Accuracy+/- 10%; +/- 5% typical plus ±0.3% of full scale
Display3 ½ digit LCD
Power SourceLithium battery stick
Battery Life12,500 hours continuous operation (over 100,000 readings)
Overall Dimensions6.40”L x 1.74”D (16.26cm x 4.42cm); Measurement head: 2.13”D (5.14cm)
Weight12.8 oz (358 grams)
Operating Temperature 0–70°C
Display TimeApproximately 3 minutes
Spectral Range320–390nm (UVA)
Case MaterialsAluminum, polyester, quartz
Supplied withNIST traceable calibration certificate
Carry Case and Quick Guide Instructions
Three light guide adaptors (5, 7, 10 mm)

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