Beyond providing high-performance, affordable light curing systems, we also provide all the mounting and shielding components necessary for your customized UV light curing solution.


Rave Reviews for Rayven

Our two Rayven curing chambers offer exceptional safety and functionality:

  1. The Rayven Quad is designed for use with the IntelliRay Quad and SunRayQuad. A fully enclosed curing chamber with 360º shielding, it features dual rear panel D-sub connectors for use with an external control interface, an adjustable height curing tray with nine repeatable curing distances, and easy, tool-free installation.
  2. The more compact Rayven offers the same features, but with five repeatable curing distances, compatible with our IntelliRay, SunRay and SkyRay UV flood curing systems.

Stand and Shield

Depending on your application and setup, our front wraparound and rear flood shields can provide supplemental protection for blocking low-level radiation with the IntelliRay, SunRay, SkyRay and PortaRay. The rear shield is secured under the flood stand mounting feet and has flared sides to allow for unobstructed tilt access with the front wrap-around shield. Both shields offer instant installation without tools.

Mounting and Shielding Expertise

We work side-by-side with our global customers helping with system and accessory selection and offering lifetime product and application support for all our products, including our mounting and shielding components. If you have any questions or need more information, contact us today.


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