If you’re searching for an adaptable and easy-to-use UV light curing oven, meet the Rayven and Rayven Quad. These versatile UV curing chambers are made to attach to our line of flood curing systems with absolutely no tools required. They provide dependable shielding protection for any of your light curing applications.

A primary advantage of curing with ultraviolet light is the speed at which a material can be processed. Speeding up the curing time can reduce flaws and errors by decreasing the amount of time that an ink or coating spends wet. This, in turn, can increase the quality of a finished item and potentially allow for greater consistency. Decreasing manufacturing time also reduces the need for additional space for storing items that can’t be used until the drying step is finished.

Because UV energy has unique interactions with many different materials, it allows for the creation of products with characteristics not achievable via other means. This has led to UV curing becoming fundamental in many fields of manufacturing and technology, where changes in strength, hardness, durability, chemical resistance and many other properties are required.


Features of the Rayven

The Rayven, the smaller of the two units, is designed to be used with our IntelliRay, SunRay and SkyRay curing systems. This compact chamber only weighs 9 lbs. and measures approximately 12” in height, width and depth, making it very easy to maneuver and store.

This compact UV curing chamber is packed with a range of features including:

  • Easy installation: no tools required, easily attaches directly to bottom of Uvitron flood curing systems
  • 360° shielding: completely sealed, protects from every angle
  • Adjustable height curing tray: offers five repeatable curing distances
  • Dual rear-panel D-sub connectors: allow pass through of IntelliRay and SkyRay control signals for external monitor control via PC, PLC or other device
  • Door-mounted lamp-on indicator: easy-to-spot indicator shows when curing process is live


Features of the Rayven Quad

The Rayven Quad is a larger version, designed to be used with our IntelliRay Quad and SunRay Quad flood systems.

It features many of the same benefits as the Rayven, but with a more spacious interior. It has all the features of the Rayven listed above, with an adjustable height curing tray that allows for nine repeatable curing distances.

For additional safety, both models include a door interlock, which, when used with the IntelliRay systems, automatically causes their shutters to close when the door is opened.


Contact Uvitron

We pride ourselves on our reputation for manufacturing and selling quality products, and offer lifetime support for all of our products, including the Rayven and Rayven Quad. If you have any questions regarding our versatile UV curing chambers, contact us today.

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