November 8 is National STEM/STEAM Day, designed to encourage kids of all ages to explore their interests in science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. As a company that wouldn’t exist without a team devoted to these subjects, we know how essential it is to ensure the pipeline is full of future experts—which is why we are full STEAM ahead!


Why the Push for STEAM?

The reason behind the push is simple: interest in STEAM-related fields has declined, as has student performance in these subjects. Yet our need for people working in these fields continues to grow, putting the U.S. and its economy at a huge disadvantage.

This has resulted in the need to reframe the educational process to break down the individual subject silos of science, math, technology and art, and instead show how they all come together to solve challenges. In this model, students are taught to think critically, approach problems with a curious mindset, and apply their knowledge, experience and research to find solutions.

Encouraging children to become capable problem solvers not only helps them in their daily lives now, but can ignite their interest in STEAM careers, which are challenging, lucrative and in increasing demand, helping them to find future success as well.


How You Can Help

If you are passionate about the work you do, we encourage you to share that enthusiasm with the next generation. Ideas include:

  • Helping with internships or outreach programs your company offers; or starting a program if there isn’t one
  • Participating in community programs that coordinate professionals willing to volunteer in area schools
  • Calling local schools to ask if they accept volunteers to talk to students about careers
  • Mentoring students who show an interest in your field (check out this site if you don’t know where to start)
  • Encouraging your children or the children of friends and family members to pursue STEAM interests through games and activities (here are some that make great holiday gifts)

We’re proud to do our part: Uvitron has been working alongside Springfield Technical Community College and other local universities to find students to train and work (part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer) as technicians and assemblers in our engineering and manufacturing departments. We are grateful for all the STEAM supporters who make up our talented team, and we look forward to many more in the years to come.

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