When you need a biocompatible UV curing solution that can also accommodate your demand and production needs, our SunRay high power UV flood curing lamp may be just what the doctor ordered. It’s a favorite within the dental industry for post-curing of 3D printed parts, in the medical industry for medical device manufacturing and in university laboratories for research and development equipment.


Safe & Simple

All the system components are integrated into the SunRay’s small lamp head, which can be easily mounted on the optional Stand & Shield, Rayven curing chamber or anywhere on a factory floor, with no need for cabling or remote power boxes.

Once you mount the lamp head and connect the AC line cord, you’re ready to start curing. In addition, the auto-ranging VAC line input makes the SunRay easy to use in any country, with no wiring changes or voltage select switching required.


Curing Area

Available with either a 400 or 600W long-lasting arc lamp, the SunRay’s parabolic reflector evenly illuminates an 8 x 6” curing area. For large pieces, our SunRay Quad, which features four arc lamps, evenly illuminates a 16 x 12” curing area. The SunRay is also compatible with our UV Conveyor 40, perfect for laboratory or high-volume production.

For added flexibility, the SunRay is available with UVA, UVB and visible spectrum lamps for ensuring compatibility with adhesives and coatings from all manufacturers.


Give Us Your Specs

See the SunRay in action in this short video and remember, all our products are fully customizable with a range of accessories and options. Let us know your selection criteria in terms of light spectrum, light intensity, biocompatibility and chamber size, and we’ll recommend the best UV curing solution for your individual needs.

Because all electrical, optical and mechanical design of our products is performed in-house, we can share complete technical knowledge and love tackling new challenges and opportunities. Share your pain points with us, and we’ll help you find the cure!

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