If you’re in the market for a compact and versatile conveyor for your UV curing application, meet the Uvitron SunBelt BT9. This tabletop mounted conveyor is designed for the rapid curing of light activated adhesives, resins, coatings and paints on smaller parts.


A Variety of Options in a Small Package

The SunBelt BT9 offers many of the same benefits as our floor-mounted SunBelt 25 and UV Conveyor 40 Plus industrial conveyors, in a much more compact package. With a total length of 30” and total width and height measurements less than 15”, the device can be used in virtually any tabletop or benchtop setting.

This conveyor is designed with versatility in mind, compatible with either one or two PortaRay broad-spectrum UV arc lamp heads or one SkyRay 800 UV LED lamp head. When configured with the dual PortaRay lamp heads, the SunBelt BT9 offers the unique advantage of combining any of its four available lamp spectrum types.

The system is also available with voltage ranges to make it compatible worldwide. The UV4080 covers the range of 90–132 VAC input while the UV4081 covers 180–264 VAC line input.


Additional Features

The conveyor offers a range of additional features, including:

  • Adjustable Lamp Height: The adjustable position lamp head allows for simple and repeatable curing distances.
  • Effective UV Shielding: The SunBelt BT9 has a completely enclosed curing chamber in addition to sliding aluminum entry and exit doors and curing chamber shield curtains.
  • Side-Mounted Controls and Indicators Panel: The conveyor features a variable frequency drive and a digital readout to regulate the speed up to 29’ per minute, allowing for repeatable exposure time.
  • Adjustable End Chute: The end chute can adjust into a flat horizontal position or a downward sloping position.


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