At Uvitron, we’re committed to making products that surpass expectations for effectiveness and efficiency, but we also want to make them as easy to use as possible.


Take our full-featured arc lamp power supply for example. With its auto-ranging AC line input, it can be used easily in any country, without changes to wiring or voltage selections. It also features a standby power mode, which reduces its output power while idle, helping you save on energy costs. That’s not just power; it’s smart power.


Arc Lamp Power Supply Features 

This switching power supply is a constant power source for supplying power to a 400 / 600 / 800-watt UV Halide or other types of ultraviolet emitting lamp.

The technical specifications and features for the lightweight, field proven-design include:

  • Auto-ranging 100-120 ±10% / 200-240 ±10% VAC line input
  • “Standby” logic signal for reducing output power
  • Isolated 5/24-volt supply for powering system controllers, fans, shutters, etc.
  • Lamp power regulation that provides the appropriate current reference to compensate for voltage variations
  • Lamp power that is adjustable from 100% to 40% by an external pwm signal
  • Protection against line voltage surges, short circuit, open circuit and over temperature, as well as inrush current limit

Power Up

If our full-featured arc lamp power supply sounds like the smart power solution you need, you can purchase it here. If you have any questions or need more information, contact us today.

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