If your project calls for high-intensity spot UV curing at a low cost, our SunSpot 2 offers the force you need at a price you can afford. That’s all part of its design. Its 200W lamp delivers the highest intensity in the industry, and its long-life (2,000+ hours!) UV / visible arc lamp and filtered input long-life light guide result in a low cost of ownership. The spot curing system is also the smallest in its class, making it popular across a range of industries including manufacturing, assembly of medical and military devices and in R&D labs. Below, we break down the stats of this small but mighty UV curing tool.


Compact Size

The SunSpot 2 features easy-to-use exposure time controls and foot-pedal activation. Weighing a mere 6 lbs. and measuring 10.5 x 8.6 x 4”, it is the smallest system in its class.

The system’s curing area measures 1.5 / 3″ spot size at 1.5 / 3″ distance. Multi-pole light guides are used for applications that require the light to be split and simultaneously delivered to two, three or four cure targets.


Undisputed Power

With its 18+ W/cm2 UVA and >30W/cm2 output from 300–550nm, the SunSpot 2 maximizes curing speed and is compatible with high-speed production automation equipment. The system ships complete with a high-output, long-life 5mm x 1m liquid light guide.

A dichroic-coated reflector reflects only the useable UV wavelengths of light through the light guide. The harmful high temperature infrared is diverted away from the material being cured. A secondary in-line filter is used to further reduce heat for extremely sensitive applications.

In addition, the SunSpot 2 features a user-adjustable front panel locking intensity control, with a 35–100% combined power adjustment range. This provides you with the flexibility to choose appropriate curing intensity for sensitive materials.


The Cure You Need?

Check out this video to see the small but mighty curing power offered by the SunSpot 2. If you agree it offers a great solution to your rapid curing challenges, reach out to learn more or request a quote. We’ll always take the time to understand your specs so we can recommend the best UV curing solution for your individual needs.

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