Are you searching for a compact and portable UV curing system with the versatility to apply to a variety of solutions? Look no further than the PortaRay; a hand-held, three pound lamp head ideal for the curing of small parts and for applications that require transportation.


Simplicity and Versatility

Due to its simple yet high-tech design, the lamp head is extremely user-friendly and reliable, requiring virtually no training or setup time. It is completely self-contained, with an extra long-life 400W or 600W arc lamp which typically lasts 2,000 hours.

The system’s main strength is its versatility, where the PortaRay can be used not only for hand-held curing operations but can also be attached to mounting stands, machines, fixtures, robots, the Uvitron UV Conveyor 40 Plus or SunBelt BT9 conveyor systems.

Contributing to its adaptability, the system can be configured with a choice of lamp reflectors:

  • A 5” x 5” wider, parabolic type for larger, uniform area curing
  • A 5” x 3” focused type for smaller, higher intensity area curing


Additional Features

The PortaRay includes additional advantages, such as:

  • Lamp power regulation: the switch mode power supply maintains constant lamp power regardless of AC line input or lamp voltages, providing repeatable curing times and longer lamp life.
  • Standby mode: the standby power switch reduces power to lower heat and stray UV light output when not in use.
  • Global compatibility: the system is available in both 90-132VAC, and 180-265VAC input voltage ranges.
  • Forced air cooling: the integrated cooling fan ensures cool operation and high reliability.
  • High intensity: the PortaRay provides up to 500mW/cm2, which is the highest intensity in its class.
  • Configuration options: the system supports multiple configuration options including a benchtop mounting and shielding station and an accessories storage box that latches to the lamp head itself.


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