If you are desperately seeking a UV curing system that is compact, programmable and provides the flexibility to choose the appropriate curing intensity for sensitive materials, we want to introduce you to the IntelliRay UV Flood Curing System.


IntelliRay offers the flexibility you need along with high intensity for fast curing. Available in 400W and 600W, the system components are integrated into a small lamp head that can be easily mounted on the Rayven benchtop curing chamber, an adjustable height flood stand or anywhere on your factory floor.


Ease of Installation & Operation

The IntelliRay is easy to install, with almost no cabling and no remote power boxes needed—just mount the head and connect the AC power cord. The Auto-Ranging 90-132 / 180-265 VAC line input means no modifications are needed for different voltage requirements.

In addition, with its LCD display and digital keypad, IntelliRay is also easy to use. If you require remote control, the system features a Windows-compatible graphical interface program that can be accessed via a PC serial port. If you need hands-free operation, we offer an optional shutter control foot pedal that can be used along with the system’s exposure timer.


Additional Features & Benefits

This compact curing system is packed with a range of other features that increases its flexibility, including:

  • System timers: 1 to 9999 seconds or hours exposure
  • Standby mode: reduces lamp power and excessive heat, increases lamp life
  • Status indicators: ready, standby, shutter open, system alarm
  • External logic signal interface: for applications requiring a direct interface with machine controllers or PLCs
  • Lamp power regulation: maintains constant lamp power for repeatable curing
  • Forced air cooling: ensures high system reliability
  • Optional lamps: UVA, UVB and visible spectrums ensure adhesive compatibility
  • Best-in-class lamp life: lowers operating and maintenance costs

We also offer a selection of optional accessories that allows further customization, such as a wrap-around shield, rear UV shield and more.


Sound Like a Match?

Contact us to see if the IntelliRay UV Flood Curing System is the solution you’ve been seeking, or fill out our online quote request. We’ll talk to you about your application and even offer free sample testing to ensure that you end up with the system and features that best match your needs.

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