We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution that is not only reshaping industry itself, but the entire world. Millions of modern manufacturing jobs will be coming online in the next decade, and we need to have a skilled workforce in place to fill them. That’s why we celebrate Manufacturing Day on the first Friday of October each year. This day for manufacturers is designed to showcase the amazing career opportunities the industry offers.


How We Started. How It’s Going.

Uvitron International was established in 1993 as a developer and manufacturer of switch-mode power supplies for light curing systems, developing the first electronic arc lamp power supply. We have since evolved into a total solutions provider of light curing systems, power supplies and accessories.

We work with clients across a broad range of industries that require UV curing as part of their manufacturing process, including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Automotive

We have staked our reputation on manufacturing and selling superior quality products that are made in the USA. All electrical, optical and mechanical design of our products is performed in-house, so our products are fully supported by our experienced staff of engineers, programmers, technicians and professional sales executives who know our products inside and out. We are able to share complete technical knowledge with our customers and offer expert systems consulting, design and manufacturing services.

While the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges to manufacturers around the world, we were proud that our team was able to keep us up and running throughout. In fact, we were able to rise to the challenge and help Production 3D, manufacturers of 3D printed products, meet the demands of run time and product output for their 3D printed FDA-registered Nasopharyngeal (NP) Swabs for COVID testing (read the case study).


How We Can Help You

We look forward to new opportunities. When you reach out with your manufacturing challenges and goals, we will work with you to find the best UV curing solution for your needs.

Our team takes the time to understand your application and requirements upfront. Because our products are developed in-house, including a full line of power supplies and accessories, we can create customized solutions. In addition, we offer free application testing and demo units when needed so you can be sure you are getting a solution that works.

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