As COVID-19 began to spread in early 2020, there quickly became an enormous need for testing and traceability. Production 3D saw an opportunity to help. As manufacturers of 3D printed products, including tools used in the medical industry, the company tasked its product engineers to devise plans for nasal swabs that could be used in COVID testing.


Production 3D Case Study

Of greatest importance for Production 3D were patient comfort, print speed, sterilization and of course, fast delivery times to allow testing to commence as quickly as possible. This meant they had a critical need for a curing partner who could help them meet the demands of fast run time and product output—stat.


To learn how our curing solutions helped increase their output of Nasopharyngeal NP Swabs by 36x in response to the global pandemic, download a free copy of our Production 3D Case Study.

Download the Production 3D Case Study



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