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Uvitron Services

In addition to our UV products, we offer the following services to help you select the best curing solution for your application.

Application Analysis

To determine the best system type, it's helpful to identify details of the application, including:

Application Details Curing Requirements of the UV Curable Material
overall size of the largest curing sample wavelength range [nm]
largest desired exposure area energy [mJ/cm2]
desired rate of production irradiance [mW/cm2]

Curing requirements of the UV material (adhesive, coating etc.) are typically provided by adhesive manufacturers in their technical data sheet (TDS). TDS of the UV curable material along with any pertinent information can be submitted to our application engineers for review using the form below:

Application Details Form

If you prefer to discuss your light curing requirements by phone or email, feel free to call us at 413-731-7835 x19 or email us at

Once the details of the curing application are reviewed and compared with system specifications, we will provide a system recommendation that best matches your requirements. Compatibility with the customer's application can be further verified in several ways:

Sample Testing

Uvitron offers a free service of testing the customer’s application with systems at our facility. Simply send us a sample of your product and adhesive or coating and we'll take care of the rest. Once the test is complete, we will provide the results and return the cured samples for your evaluation upon request.

Demo Units

For applications where specialized customer equipment or expertise is required, we give our customers an opportunity to evaluate our light curing systems at their facility. New demonstration units can be sent for evaluation, and once compatibility has been proven, the customer may choose to purchase a system without the need to exchange it. However, in order to ensure effectiveness of these evaluations, we typically discuss and review application requirements prior to sending a demo unit (see: Application Analysis).


We look forward to working together and helping you choose the right system for your application!