SkyRay 800 Conveyor Photoelectric Sensor Kit


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The Photoelectric Sensor Kit is used to upgrade a SkyRay 800 Flood Lamp equipped UV Conveyor 40 or SunBelt BT9 UV Conveyor with the capability of automatically turning on & off their UV LEDs as parts are fed onto the conveyor belt. When a part is placed onto the belt, the photoelectric sensor light beam is broken, and it triggers an input of the SkyRay lamp to activate its LEDs for the duration of the lamp exposure timer setting. If parts are fed continuously into the conveyor, the timer will reset back to its full value each time the light beam is broken, which will result in the LEDs remaining on continuously. If part feeding is interrupted, the timer will count down and will eventually expire, causing the LEDs to then be turned off when parts are no longer being cured. This type of automated lamp control results in the following benefits:

  • Automatic reduction of electrical power consumption when the system is idle.
  • Reduced heating of the curing chamber and the room where the system is operating.
  • No manual keypad entry required by the operator to turn the LEDs on and off.
  • Reduction of audible noise since the lamp fan speed will be lower at the lower temperature, and the fan will reduce to a low standby speed when the LEDs are off.
  • Elimination of any stray UV light when the system is idle.
  • Increased lamp life since LEDs will not operate when they are not needed during idle periods.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions N/A
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UV Conveyor 40 [UV4277], SunBelt BT9 [UV4838]

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