Collimating Adaptor for Liquid Light Guides


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The UV-SPOTLIGHT collimating adaptor (PN UV4658) converts the small concentrated output of a spot UV light source to a larger diameter homogeneous exposure area. The adaptor has a small aperture angle, providing near collimation of the light output.

The UV-SPOTLIGHT is designed to be used with Uvitron liquid light guides. Liquid guides deliver high intensity illumination through a homogeneous light output cross section. When used with fiber bundle light guides, the optical system projects an image of the fiber pattern (which may be undesirable). The UVSPOTLIGHT can be adapted to most common light guide end fittings.

The collimating adaptor exposure area is dependent on its distance to the illuminated surface. The longer the distance, the larger the exposure area, but the power density decreases accordingly. These collimators with a 15° aperture are optimized for rather long distances, or for when a small area with high power density is needed. They deliver homogeneous illumination through the light output cross section. The lenses of the collimators are made of fused silica. The spectral transmission characteristic of fused silica is flat between 280 and 420 nm and is ideal for UV applications.

The collimating adaptor has an adjustment ring that allows the light output to be focused properly for various distances. Turning the ring will sharpen the edge of the illumination area and will also adjust the size of the circle diameter as well.

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