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The UV4244 Puck Radiometer Light Guide Fixture allows the measurement of light output from either an arc lamp spot curing system light guide or an LED style light guide using any of the EIT puck style radiometers (UVICURE Plus II, UV Power Puck II or LEDCure). This fixture is ideal for use in the following cases:

  • Measurement of either UVB or UVC output of a broad-spectrum arc lamp spot curing system (EIT no longer offers a SpotCure model radiometer to measure either UVB or UVC wavelengths).
  • Measurement of 365, 385, 395 or 405nm LED spot curing system light output (EIT does not offer a SpotCure style radiometer to measure any of these “UVA” LED wavelengths).
  • Measurement of multiple wavelength bands of either an arc lamp or LED type light guide output using a single radiometer e.g., Power Puck II for broad spectrum arc lamps, or LEDCure Profiler Four Band puck for narrow spectrum LEDs (the EIT Spotcure radiometer can only measure a single wavelength band).
  • Measurement of arc lamp or LED light guide output at a variable distance from the guide output tip (the EIT SpotCure radiometer only measures light guide output irradiance at zero distance).

The fixture ships with two different adapter plates for locating the light guide tip over the desired area of the radiometer sensors window. The UV4248 plate has its chuck mounting hole centered over the photo-diode sensors window to allow simultaneous measurement of all 4 light bands by multi-band radiometers (e.g., the Power Puck II or the LEDCure four band radiometer). The UV4249 plate has its chuck mounting hole offset to one corner for centering the light guide tip over a single photodiode sensor, allowing for peak light output measurement of a single light band by single or multiband radiometers (see attached image).

Supported Light Guide Types

The fixture is available with 3 light guide holding chuck collet sizes to accommodate various light guide handle sizes:

  • UV4244-10 = 10mm: UV0570, UV0571 & UV0572, 5mm Liquid Core
  • UV4244-12 = 12mm: UV0765, UV0766 & UV767, 5mm Fiber Core, UV0768, UV0769 & UV770, 8mm Fiber Core, UV4054-365C, -385C, -395C & -405C, LED
  • UV4244-15 = 15mm: UV0774, UV0775, UV776 & UV1195, 8mm Liquid Core

For other light guide types or additional optional sized collets, contact us for more information.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Chuck Collet Size

10mm (UV4244-10), 12mm (UV4244-12), 15mm (UV4244-15)

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