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Application Details

Please complete the table below to determine the most appropriate light curingTooltip icon“Curing” refers to activation of light sensitive chemicals (photo-initiators) in adhesives, coatings, resins, inks, etc. leading to the toughening or hardening of these materials. systems for your application, or to help us understand your requirements for sample testing. Provide as much information as possible by filling out each field. Refer to notes for additional information.

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    Largest Part to be Cured
    Tooltip iconFor applications requiring curing of parts of different sizes and weights, specify the overall size and weight of the largest part.

  1. Curing Requirements of the UV Curable Material (Adhesive, Coating, Etc.)
    Tooltip iconThe curing requirements of the UV curable material refer to those characteristics of UV-Visible light that are responsible for the activation of photoinitiators, which lead to proper hardening of the material. Three of these characteristics are wavelength range, irradiance and energy, and are typically specified in the UV curable material’s technical data sheet.

  2. Application Description and Specific Requirements

  3. Contact Information
    Tooltip icon Contact information is used only by Uvitron personnel for the purposes of communication. We do not share your information with any third parties.