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Rayven - UV Curing Chamber

Uvitron Rayven - Fully Shielded UV Flood Light Curing Chamber
  • Used with IntelliRay & SunRay flood systems
  • Fully Enclosed Curing Chamber w/ 360 degree shielding
  • Dual rear panel D-sub connectors allow IntelliRay control signals to be used with external control interface.
  • Adjustable height curing tray with 5 repeatable curing distances
  • Easy Installation - No tools required
Uvitron Rayven - Fully Shielded UV Flood Light Curing Chamber

Product Summary

The Rayven is a light-shielding chamber for the Uvitron IntelliRay and SunRay curing systems. This fully enclosed curing chamber provides 360 degree light shielding ensuring maximum UV protection. The Rayven features a door-mounted lamp-on indicator, and an adjustable height curing tray which allows for 5 repeatable curing distances. For a larger version of this system, see the Rayven Quad. Just place your IntelliRay or SunRay on top of the oven and start curing - no tools required!


Door Interlock

The Rayven includes a door interlock which when used with the IntelliRay system, automatically causes the unit's shutter to close when the door is opened.

External Control Interface

Dual rear panel D-sub connectors allow pass thru of IntelliRay control signals for use with a PC, PLC, shutter control foot pedal, external interlock, etc.


Additional Product Information

Product Files
Part # UV1080
Cooling Forced air w/ louvers, channeled from lamp head
Interconnect Cable Dual 15 position D-sub (Male/Female, 1.25 ft), included
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Inside 9” x 9” x 10.4” w/ adjustable shelf
Outside 11.8” x 11.6” x 12.1” D = 13.3 w/ door handle
Weight (lbs) 9 lbs w/out lamp head
Cure Distance
Shelf Positions 1.75”, 3.5”, 5.25”, 7.0” Bottom of lamp to shelf
Distance to Floor 9” Bottom of lamp to floor