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IntelliRay Quad - Large Area UV Flood Curing System

Uvitron IntelliRay Quad - UV Quad Flood Light Curing System
  • Large 16" x 12" curing area (4x larger than standard IntelliRay)
  • 110 mW/cm2 Intensity @ 4"
  • User control of time & intensity / Remote control via PC or PLC
  • 4 long-life arc lamps with integrated exposure shutter
  • Solid-state / Constant power
  • Optional shielded benchtop curing chamber
Uvitron IntelliRay Quad - UV Flood Light Curing System

Product Summary

IntelliRay Quad with Rayven Quad curing chamber
IntelliRay Quad with
Rayven Quad curing oven

The IntelliRay Quad is a large area programmable UV flood curing system. All system components are integrated into a single unit that can be easily mounted on the optional Rayven Quad benchtop curing chamber, or anywhere on a factory floor, with virtually no cabling or remote power boxes required. Just mount the lamp head, connect the AC line cord, and start timed exposure curing! The system contains an integrated retractable shade type shutter, which allows for repeatable exposure timing, and shields the user from UV rays. The system’s LCD display and digital keypad make programming and monitoring of curing operations a snap. The 4 long-life arc lamps and parabolic reflectors illuminate a 16 x 12 inch curing area with evenly distributed UV light. The arc lamps are powered by the state of the art UV Power-Plus Lamp Driver. For a compact version of this system, see the IntelliRay.

System Timers

Duration of curing is controlled by a 1 to 9999 second or hour exposure timer that actuates the shutter. The exposure timer also has a user controlled manual mode, and a mode for use in long exposure applications such as artificial aging or solar panel testing.

Lamp Intensity Control

The system has a user adjustable intensity level. This feature provides the flexibility of choosing appropriate curing intensity for sensitive materials. Time, intensity as well as all other settings can be password protected.

Standby Mode

The unit automatically reduces lamp power when the shutter is closed. This reduces excessive heat and therefore increases life of system components, without the need to power down.

Status Indicators

Four front panel LEDs are provided: Lamp ready, system in standby mode, shutter open, and system alarm.

External Logic Signal Interface

The system can be remotely monitored and controlled using logic signals available at a 15 pin D-sub connector on the unit’s rear panel. The digital logic functions allow high speed control of the IntelliRay for applications requiring a direct interface with machine controllers or PLCs.

Uvitron IntelliRay Quad curing system control interface

Remote Control via PC Serial Port

The system can also be remotely controlled via a RS232 / RS485 serial port. A Windows™ compatible graphical interface program allows all system functions to be exercised (see photo), and with RS485, multiple units can be networked.

Foot Pedal Control

An optional shutter control foot pedal is available for applications requiring hands-free operation. The pedal can be used in conjunction with the system's exposure timer, or in a manual mode in which the shutter remains open as long as the pedal is pressed.

Lamp Power Regulation

The system’s switch mode power supply maintains constant lamp power regardless of variations in AC line input or lamp voltages. The result is repeatable curing times throughout the life of the lamp.

Forced Air Cooling

Variable speed cooling fans with removable filters direct air to critical system components, insuring cool operation and high system reliability.

Optional Lamp Spectrums

The IntelliRay Quad is available with UVA, UVB & visible spectrum lamps, ensuring compatibility with adhesives and coatings from all manufacturers.

Best-in-Class Lamp Life

The enhanced lamp life of the system rivals even microwave and LED systems, significantly lowering operating and maintenance costs.

Typical lamp life (intensity versus time)


Additional Product Information

Product Files
System Type Parabolic Flood Curing System
Part # UV2591
Lamp Power 2400W (4 x 600W)
Input Voltage 200-240 VAC ±10%
Input Current (Max) 16 Amps
@ 4"
110 mW/cm2 UVA, typical
Curing Area 16" x 12"
Weight 26.6 lbs
Size (L x W x H) 17.45” x 23” x 7.75”

System Part Numbers

Part No. Item Details Ordering
UV2591 IntelliRay Quad, 240VAC, 50/60Hz Includes 600W UVA enhanced arc lamp, UV/IR protective glasses, power cord and manual
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Accessories Part Numbers

Part No. Item Details
UV2875 Rayven Quad Shielded Curing Chamber Provides full shielding and shutter door interlock
UV2605 Quad Flood Filter Glass Replacement filter glass for SunRay and IntelliRay Quad floods. Filters shortwave and infrared wavelengths
UV2607 IntelliRay Shutter Shade Replacement shutter shade for IntelliRay Quad System
UV0725 Shutter Control Foot Pedal Provides hands-free control of shutter and exposure timing
UV0527 IntelliRay Remote Control Interface Software Windows 98/ 2000/ XP/ Win7/ Win8/ Win10 GUI
UV0525 RS232 Remote Interface Cable For use with above software
UV0526 RS485/Logic Remote Interface Cable Control from RS485 PC or digital logic
(Multiple) Power cords Multiple types available
UV1450-XX Uvicure Plus II Integrating Radiometer UVA, UVB or Visible ranges, 10-10,000mW/cm2
(Multiple) UV Curing Tray Stainless steel non-stick surface
UV0495 UV/IR Protective Safety Glasses OTG (fit over prescription eyewear), 3.0 shade
UV02231 UV/IR Protective Safety Glasses Sport contour, 3.0 shade
UV01889 UV Protective Face Shield Lift-up face shield ideal for maximum UV/Visible light protection, 4.0 shade
Replacement Lamps:
UV0834 UVA Metal Halide Lamp 600W medium pressure
UV1884 UVB Enhanced Lamp 600W medium pressure
UV1074 Visible Metal Halide Lamp 600W medium pressure, 420nm