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Sunbelt 25 - High-Power Light Curing Conveyor

Uvitron Sunbelt 25, UV Light Curing Conveyor System
  • 33 inch wide belt, 25 inch cure width
  • High Intensity: 2150 mW/cm2 UVA @ 2"
  • Variable speed, up to 58 ft/min
  • Adjustable lamp height & forced air cooling
  • Convenient front mounted controls and indicators panel
  • Lamp ballast programming software
Uvitron Sunbelt 25, UV Light Curing Conveyor System

Product Summary

The Uvitron SunBelt 25 is a high power wide width light curing conveyor system, designed for high volume production or laboratory processing of large parts. The system features a high output arc lamp that is powered by a compact programmable electronic power regulating ballast. The conveyor has a quiet variable speed motor, with a velocity regulating drive that keeps the belt speed constant for varying loads. The conveyor has a long enclosed light chamber with entrance/exit light guards for maximum light shielding. The belt-to-lamp height can be easily adjusted for improved compatibility with varying part sizes.

Sunbelt conveyor high output lamp head with forced air cooling

High Output Lamp Head with Forced Air Cooling

The lamp head contains a 25 inch arc length, 10,000 Watt metal halide type lamp, which emits focused UVA, UVB or visible light from its elliptical reflector. Dual integrated cooling blowers ensure long lamp life.

Lamp Power Regulation

The system’s electronic switch mode ballast maintains constant lamp power regardless of variations in AC line input or lamp voltages. This regulation provides for repeatable curing times and longer lamp life.

Adjustable Lamp Height

Sunbelt conveyor curing chamber handles and easy lamp height adjustment

Curing chamber handles and locator pins allow for easy adjustment of lamp height from 2 to 10 inches, which provides perfectly repeatable settings of lamp head to belt distance for various part sizes.

Full UV Shielding

The conveyor light chamber is totally enclosed, shielding the operator and passer-bys from any UV light. The curing chamber entrance and exit are protected by adjustable height light guards that minimize any light leakage.

Convenient Front Mounted Controls and Indicators Panel

Sunbelt conveyor front-mounted control panel

The control panel features Lamp Enable & E-stop switches, AC Power, Lamp Ignited, Lamp Ready & Alarm indicators as well as a lamp hour meter and USB programming connector.

Regulated Belt Speed Controller

Sunbelt conveyor regulated belt speed controller

A variable frequency drive with digital speed readout is used to adjust and regulate conveyor belt speed up to 58 feet per minute, allowing for repeatable product exposure time and curing dose.

Exhaust Blowers and Port

The curing chamber has 3 blowers mounted below the belt for evacuating heat and any product vapors. The outlets of these blowers are ducted to a rear mounted port for venting to facility exhaust systems.

Adjustable Mounting Feet

The system has four adjustable mounting feet for setting system height and to allow leveling on irregular floor surfaces.

In-feed Product Guides

Sunbelt conveyor lamp ballast programming software

Dual angled guides at the entrance side of the conveyor’s 33 inch wide belt ensure that products being cured are directed into the 25” lamp cure zone. For larger products that only require center curing, the guides can be removed.

Lamp Ballast Programming Software

The system includes graphical interface software for monitoring curing system performance, diagnosing system alarms, and for programming of lamp output power.


Additional Product Information

Product Files
System Type Conveyor, variable speed
Part # UV1655
Lamp Power 10,000 Watt
Input Voltage 480VAC ±10% 3 phase
Input Current (Max) 13.5 Amps
Lamp Intensity 2150 mW/cm2 UVA @ 2" lamp height
Curing Energy 5.0 J/cm2 UVA @ 5 feet/min.
Curing Width 25" exposure width,
33" max part width
Belt Width 33 inches
Belt Speed 3.0 to 58 feet/min
Lamp Height, Adjustable 2" to 10"
(L x W x H)
100" x 45" x 60"

System Part Numbers

Part No. Item Details
UV1655 Sunbelt 25 High power wide width UV conveyor, designed for high volume production or laboratory processing of large parts

Accessories Part Numbers

Options & Accessories:
(Multiple) Power cords Multiple types available
UV1450 Uvicure Plus II Integrating Radiometer UVA, UVB or Visible ranges, 10-10,000mW/cm2
UV0495 UV/IR Protective Safety Glasses OTG (fit over prescription eyewear), 3.0 shade
UV02231 UV/IR Protective Safety Glasses Sport contour, 3.0 shade
UV01889 UV Protective Face Shield Lift-up face shield ideal for maximum UV/Visible light protection, 4.0 shade
UV02361 SunBelt 25 Instruction Manual Usage and maintainence info for SunBelt 25 System
Replacement Parts:
UV00899 Replacement Belt, SunBelt 25 Teflon Coated Fiberglass, 33” Width
UV02423 UVA Enhanced Metal Halide, 25” Arc Lamp 400 W/in
UV01831 UVB Enhanced, 25” Arc Lamp 400 W/in